Why Soft Washing is Better for Your Sea Island Home

Over time, the outside of your house collects dirt and other residues that are difficult and sometimes impossible to go out and clean with a sponge and soap. By the time you physically notice these stains, they’ve been there for years, building on top of each other and creating a real unsightly mess. Traditionally pressure washing has been hailed as the best technique to remove this grime, but when it comes to the outside of your home, do you really want all that pressure chipping away at the surface creating a different kind of eye sore?

In these cases, soft washing is the best answer to the built up grime and algae. It is gentler on the exterior of your home so it won’t strip the wood, vinyl or ruin paint. Because we use a special mix of soap and other ingredients combined with low water pressure to rinse away the buildup, the wear and tear on your home is next to nothing. Our chemicals effectively clean the surface of your house by penetrating into every nook and cranny without ruining the surface. What’s more, it acts as a “pre-treater” deterring any algae, mold or other fungi to grow back.

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