Soft Washing Proves a Good Choice for Sea Island

Have you been opting not to clean the exterior of your home or business because you fear the damaging effects of a pressure washer? Well, did you know that when it comes to getting rid of unsightly stains, pressure washing isn’t the only option? In fact, it might not even be the most effective.

Soft washing is a different approach to exterior cleaning that doesn’t use pressure to remove grime and stains.

Many people, when they hear “soft washing,” think it must be safer than pressure washing. True, it is safer in that it won’t chip away your paint or siding in the name of “cleaning.”  Soft washing, however, is an entirely different technique than pressure washing. It’s more than just softer pressure. It uses an array of environmentally-friendly chemicals and water to treat the exterior of your house and prevent algae and other fungi from being able to grow back.

In a nutshell, soft washing applies a chemical that kills any and all unwanted bacteria, thus eliminating the need for pressure. The chemicals are not selective, either. They will kill whatever mold, bacteria, or fungi they come in contact with.  And because soft washing goes deeper than the surface by seeping into every crevice, pore, and crack, it can last nearly six times as long as pressure washing.

This technique began as a way to safely remove and prevent alga growth from shingles. Pressure washing a shingle roof exerts too much force on the roofing aggregate that is designed to protect the roof and building from weather elements, particularly rain and UV degradation. Over time, this aggregate is designed to “weather away” little by little. Most times, a manufacturer’s warranty is voided if any pressure washing should occur.

Soft washing was thus invented as a way to clean these shingles without damaging them from pressure. It is actually much more closely related to the pest control industry. Instead of treating the issue like a stain and rather like a pest, soft washing gets to the root of the problem by killing the fungus and preventing it from growing back. Whereas pressurized water only removes the mold, mildew, or other stains, soft washing gets to the spores themselves and kills them dead.

The chemicals we use during soft washing are completely safe and environmentally friendly. What’s more, soft washing works on more than just roofing and siding – it’s a handy tool for eliminating organic matter from wood surfaces, pool decks, driveways, and more. It’s a quick and effective way to treat and prevent any organic-based stains. Mold, mildew, algae, fungus, bacteria, viruses, germs, mosses, lichens, insects, organic soiling, and more can easily be removed through our soft washing technology.

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