Pressure Washing vs. Soft Washing in Sea Island

When it comes to cleaning your home – likely one of your largest investments – we recommend soft washing certain areas rather than pressure washing. Shingles are a great example. If your roof is shingled, high-pressure washing can damage the shingles and strip them of important weather guards that are keeping your home safe from the elements. In fact, many shingle manufacturers will void the warranty if they’ve been pressure washed because of how damaging it is. This is why cleaning with a lower pressure is crucial for the performance of the shingles and the safety of your home.

Soft washing uses a higher concentration of chemicals and cleaning solutions and relies on that combination rather than pressure to get the job done. The chemicals loosen the dirt, grime alga, and other fungi before water is sprayed to remove it. This saves the shingles from damage but assures that your roof is getting cleaned properly.

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