Large Front Windows

Keeping Your Windows Looking Shiny and New

Large expanses of glass on your office building or restaurant deliver magnificent views and a powerful impression from the outside. But the effect is ruined if it becomes smeared or coated with dirt.
Clearview Services South offers professional exterior window cleaning in the Brunswick-St Simon’s Island area of Georgia using pure water technology.

Clearview Services South Uses Pure Water For Window Cleaning

Clearview Services South has delivered superior-quality exterior window cleaning services for the last 15 years. We do not use soaps, detergents, ladders, and squeegees.
Instead, we use ionized and purified water delivered by a water-fed pole to remove dirt and salt deposits from the glass. This technology offers several advantages, such as:

• Safety – technicians can clean windows up to 60 feet from the ground without having to use ladders
• Environmental Responsibility – pure water without detergents means zero pollution of the environment, making this technology safe for plants, pets, and people.
• Superior Results – no chemicals mean no possibility of salt residue or streaking.

How To Clean Glass Between Professional Appointments

It’s best to book regular appointments for that 100% clean look. To wash individual windows between appointments, try this technique.
• Mix a teaspoon of dish soap into two gallons of water.
• Soak a cleaning cloth and wipe the windows clean gently but firmly.
• Use a squeegee to remove excess water.
• Dry around the edges with a lint-free rag.

Why You Should Not Pressure Wash Your Windows
Refrain from being tempted to pressure wash your windows. The force generated by the pressurized water can easily damage the frames, especially if they are wooden. Moreover, the blast can crack the panes and loosen the putty. Also, using a pressure washer without training is dangerous.

Clearview Services South

Clearview Services South offers superior exterior window cleaning services to Golden Isles customers using cutting-edge pure water technology. Get a free quote today!

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