Glass Restoration in St. Simons Island

Scratches and unsightly stains can completely ruin the look of your windows and glass. Here at Clearview Services South, our highly experienced technicians are able to offer up a simple glass restoration solution.

After we’ve determined the cause of the stain, we use several glass polishing methods to treat and repair your windows and glass. Generally, our method consists of chemical stain removal, wet and dry grinding techniques, and a final sealant to prevent future damage.

Our chemical stain removal process utilizes a variety of solvents from mild solutions to potent acids, all specially formulated to remove the type of stain that is present. After we’ve removed the stain chemically, we begin the polishing process to effectively remove any last remnants of the stain and return your glass to its original luster. Using a wet grinder, and oftentimes a dry grinder as well, we gently polish the glass and grind the damaged areas away.

Finally, we recommend that a sealant is applied to offer a barrier of protection on the newly restored glass. The sealant is invisible and seeps into the pores of the glass, preventing future mineral deposits and stains from forming.

Whether you have stains caused by well water, building runoff, chemical stains, hard water stains or buildup, or perhaps your glass has light or deep scratches, we have the perfect solution to remove the stain and the scratches. You can say goodbye to years of damage and buildup. All that remains is crystal clear glass and a glorious shine.

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