Exterior Washing in Sea Island & St. Simons Island

Anyone who has tried it knows rust stains are extremely difficult to remove from stucco surfaces. Periodic cleaning and natural exposure to rain can help keep the problem at bay, but some areas are hard to get to, out of rain’s reach, and may require the help of professionals. Oftentimes, well water and it’s mineral and iron contaminants are the cause of rust residue, but there are many other causes that create conditions for rust to occur.

Here are a few things to avoid when trying to prevent rust stains on stucco surfaces:1. Mud– Make sure landscaping near stucco is covered with sod, bark chips, straw, gravel, or stone. Anything that prevents mud from splashing up onto stucco surfaces is helpful.
2. Dirty Windows & Frames– Water that drips down from dirty windows and frames can oftentimes cause hard to get rid of stains. Get windows cleaned often by a professional.
3. Well Water– Avoid the use of water that contains minerals and iron when spraying stucco surfaces.
4. Wood– Oil stains from wood can easily damage the look of stucco. Avoid stacking wood against stucco surfaces, or cover the wood with a tarp to create a barrier between the wood and stucco.
5. Metal– Direct contact with metal will eventually cause rust stains. Avoid mounting metal outdoor decorations directly to stucco surfaces.

At Clearview Services South, we have the expertise and equipment to remove rust stains completely. There is no worry about pesky rust stains returning to the surface. Our soft washing system for rust stain removal is the ideal solution. Call us today and request a quote!

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