It’s Alive! Understanding Black Streaks on Your Roof

Ever feel like your roof is going through a midlife crisis? It’s dull and tired, and it doesn’t look its best.

A spot of good news: You can help your roof strip away any signs of stress. And it all starts with ridding it of black streaks.

What are black streaks?

Plot twist coming: They’re actually living organisms. Black streaks are the result of gloeocapsa magma, a variety of bacteria that thrives on the composite in your roofing. The downside? Well, there are a few:

  • Curb appeal: It’s an eyesore – and it drags your first impression down
  • Longevity: As it grows, the bacteria destroy your roofing quality
  • Energy efficiency: It also makes your shingles less efficient

What do I do about it?

Call us. Our roof cleaning service is specifically designed to combat the issues that impact your roof. We use a soft washing solution that will kill the bacteria, bring out the bright curb appeal, and help your property become a success story once more.

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