Benefits of Pure Water Cleaning

At Clearview Services South, we use pure water technology whenever possible. Here are just some of the benefits our customers receive with pure water cleaning.

Safety: Water fed poles allow window cleaners to safely clean exterior windows at heights up to 5 stories. This technology eliminates the use of ladders, lifts, and scaffolding in the field. Potential accidents and inconveniences for our customers are reduced exponentially because staff members are working from the ground. We can ensure a smooth and satisfactory service for our client.

Environmentally Friendly: More people are becoming environmentally aware of the dangers and damage that certain detergents, soaps, and chemicals can cause. Our clients appreciate the fact that we are a reputable company and can guarantee no chemical or mineral damage is left on their property, and we ensure environmentally friendly actions are always a top priority.

Cleaner Glass: Pure water will leave windows looking flawless. The purer the water is, the more aggressive it gets. It can better serve as a natural detergent that loosens the bonds of dirt at an iconic level. This produces a film-less, smear-free surface as the glass is washed and rinsed with pure water.

Less inconvenience: Pure water technology allows for enhanced results and minimal inconvenience to our customers. This technology can save time as there is minimal equipment such as ladders to set up and operate. It maintains privacy and reduces the risk of disturbances for our customers.

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