The Four A’s of Window Cleaning in St. Simons

You might have heard of the four A’s of window cleaning. When you remember these four rules, you’ll understand why hiring a professional is the right way to go.

  • Access

Do you have the tools required to clean those second- or third-story windows? What about those hard-to-reach interior windows? Our equipment is designed to take the stress out of reaching even the hardest windows and make sure they are just as clean as the rest of the house.

  • Accountability

When you clean your windows yourself – or hire your nephew to do them – there’s little accountability in their work. We guarantee all our work is done to the highest of industry standards and if you’re not satisfied with the job, we will work hard to make it up to you. Even worse than cleaning your windows yourself is hiring a professional and being dissatisfied with the work they perform. Don’t let this happen to you: Hire us today and see why we are the best in Georgia.

  • Annual

Windows that are cleaned regularly are more resistant to dirt, dust, and scratches. By having your windows cleaned once a year, you’re ensuring you get the best value and lifespan out of your investment.

  • Additional

There are ways to treat your windows after they are clean that you might not have access to yourself. For example, you might consider applying a window film to increase your house’s energy efficiency. Let us go over the options with you and offer our best recommendation on how to keep your windows in tip-top shape.

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